Celebrate 12/12/12 with The New Craftsmen!

Because we’re feeling festive, we’ve curated a special selection of hand-crafted products to mark the 12th day of December 2012, from a £12 print by the celebrated typographer Mr Smith’s Letterpress Workshop, to a £12,000 Brittania silver wine cooler by silversmith Ndidi Ekubia, with a bottle of Nyetimber to boot!

A limited edition print by Mr Smith’s Letterpress Workshop, £12

Silver decorative mistletoe by silversmith Alex Ramsay, £120

To be worn as a brooch, to adorn a necklace, or to hang surreptitiously across your doorway!

Objet d’art by Disa Allsop, silver, £1200
5cm (w) x 3.5cm (d) x 4cm (h)


Silver wine cooler by Ndidi Ekubia, £12,000

Hand raised with traditional techniques, our silver wine cooler by Ndidi Ekubia is made from Britannia Silver, and can be used to fit a Magnum of Champagne. We’ll be including a bottle of Britain’s finest sparkling wine from Nyetimber, as well as a silver candle snuffer by Ndidi, all for £12,000 if bought in store today!

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