It’s Burns night! And to celebrate…

…we’ve hand picked 4 products by 4 makers, whose craft and inspiration is rooted in Scotland, to illustrate the diversity, heritage and craftsmanship inherent in the northern most region of our British Isles.

A contemporary Orkney Chair by Gareth Neal & Kevin Gauld

 Kevin Gauld has been refining the centuries old technique of Orkney chair making since an apprenticeship at the age of 16, even growing his own oats to create the chair’s straw back. The Orkney chair is the epitome of resourcefulness, and of design following function, and to mark the launch of our Christmas preview, The New Craftsmen commissioned Kevin to team up with Gareth Neal, to reimagine the Orkney Chair for a modern lifestyle. The resulting piece is the ‘Brodgar’ straw back chair; a contemporary Orkney chair combining a Windsor chair vernacular made from oak, with the traditional Orkney chair straw back and featuring a pull-out draw below the seat.  (Available to commission).

Contemporary Orkney Chair, by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld

A rare North Ronaldsay sheepskin, from Isle of Auskerry 

Isle of Auskerry produces an exceptional range of hand-cured sheepskins.  The company consists of Simon Brogan and his wife Teresa, who moved to the remote island in Orkney almost 40 years ago, to pursue making a living from the local ‘wild’ sheep – the only industry possible on the isolated island terrain. The family are now dedicated to the survival of their rare North Ronaldsay sheep, of which there are only 3 flocks left in Orkney. Each sheepskin is unique in its colour and markings, and is hand-cured on the island, using rainwater to soften it.

North Ronaldsay sheepskins, hand cured by ‘Isle of Auskerry’

Cover up with an Eriskay pony – silk and wool scarfs by Charlotte Linton

Charlotte Linton has illustrated a range of silk and wool scarfs for The New Craftsmen, each one depicting the local culture, craft, flora and fauna found in the Outer Hebrides, in a range of eye-catching illustrations.

The Gansey Sweater – a functional take on luxury by Highland loop 

Highland Loop – a knitwear cooperative in northern Scotland, can be commissioned to produce their iconic ‘Gansey’ Sweater, traditionally worn by fishermen and designed to keep the wind and sea at bay! Highland Loop has developed 3 patterns for commission, crafted with generations of expertise and a distinct expression of function and purpose.

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