Aether Sculpture

John de Pauley
Aether Sculpture by Stonemason John de Pauley is named after one of the classical elements, 'Aether' which was believed to be the air that filled the universe above the earth and was breathed by the gods. With this theme in mind, the piece is crafted to create the illusion of lightness and embody a feeling of flight. The deliberate use of wood – locally sourced Sycamore – is symbollic as trees make oxygen and clean pollutants from the air.
Material: Sycamore and Stone
cm: Width 24cm, Depth 72cm, Height 112cm
inches: Width 9.4in, Depth 28.3in, Height 44.1in
Care Instructions: Lightly dust with dry cloth

A rough outline of the figure is carved from the wood by a jigsaw until the pieces fit together. Then gradually refining the carve until the piece becomes more three-dimensional, the surface is finally smoothed with fine grits of sandpaper.

This film has sound

The Maker John de Pauley Stonemason - South West England

John de Pauley has been a practicing stone mason for over 30 years. His craft is rooted in the traditional discipline of carving and expert restoration, having worked on some of the Nation's most important buildings of architectural significance. This deep understanding of the material delivers new forms that resonate with a peculiar and timeless beauty. His work emerges from the rich textures and colours quarried from Southwest England where John originally trained and has lived for over 20 years.