Angles Wool Rug (Light)

Rachel Scott
Rachel Scott's Angles Wool Rug has been hand-spun from natural British wool, featuring a dynamic, geometric design.

Angles Wool Rug by Rachel Scott. Using a rich and diverse palette of British breeds of wool, Rachel Scott's rugs are all made from natural yarn that she spins from bundles of fleece on a wheel her brother made for her. She enjoys the restrictions on colour and pattern and keeping her work purposefully self-sufficient.
Material: British Wool
Dimensions: Length: 145cm, Width: 78cm
Care Instructions: Hand wash, can be dry cleaned
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Rachel uses undyed natural wool left to its own original colour creating entirely unique rugs; the fleeces are sourced from farms in the Berkshire and the Chilterns.
The Maker Rachel Scott Rug Maker - South East England

A Royal College of Art alumnus, Rachel Scott is a weaver creating rugs with a graphic aesthetic, drawing on her experience with organic fibres. Rachel Scott has been weaving since 1976; employing a slow process using hands and traditional tools to produce designs true to the heritage of weaving. Rachel starts off with a rough sketch of her rug, but her pieces only truly become of interest during her weaving process, where final colour graduations and textures begin to form from the combination of strands.