Arbol Light

Arbol Light is a suspended ceiling light by glass artist, Michael Ruh, which was inspired by the nuanced changes of light governed by the changing of seasons and passing of time. Michael was particularly taken by forests and the earth being an indicator of this. The metal armature of the Arbol Light is reminiscent of a tree limb and the glass of small icicles. Michael has expertly crafted this statement, hand blown piece, which presents itself as both a work of art and functioning light. The Arbol Light is fully customisable and can be configured as a vertical piece for an open stairwell or a multi-tiered ‘canopy’ for a reception area or foyer. Please contact us for further information.

Material: Hand blown glass, metal
cm: Width 162cm, Depth 86cm, Height 43cm
inches: Width 63.8in, Depth 33.9in, Height 16.9in
Care Instructions: The glass can be cleaned using alcohol and a lint free cloth. The metal can be dusted and polished using beeswax paste and a soft dry cloth.
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks


Michael began the creative process by making a list of words: ‘crushed, frail, fragile, hammered, bent, wrinkled, puckered, withered and incised’. With a clear aesthetic vision in mind, he began shaping the blown glass components by hand, carefully abrading them to give them a desired frosty look, reminiscent of icicles.

To create the metal armature for the Arbol Light, Michael observed the simple, repeated interactions with the metal to transform it from its unmistaken industrial form, to something more organic and reminiscent of a tree limb. To finish, the metal parts were fabricated and soldered together before being blackened and waxed.

The Maker Michael Ruh Glass Artist - London

Michael Ruh is a celebrated glass artist creating blown glass pieces with a modern aesthetic. Since establishing his Studio in 2004, Michael has worked with simple, traditional tools that have been used throughout the centuries to craft exquisite tableware, lighting and home accessories. Michael’s forms are each marked with his signature technique of scribing lines across the surface of each vessel. The technique is reminiscent of Japanese Bokuseki calligraphy- each stroke being applied with intent and assertion.