Arran Border Cashmere Throw in Army

Begg x Co
The Arran Border Cashmere Throw is made from 100% supersoft cashmere in the Scottish mill of Begg & Co based in Paisley. It is ideal for draping over the back of your sofa, or folding neatly at the foot of your bed.

The Arran Border Cashmere Throw brings the two tone element onto both sides of the cloth to frame the blanket edge.
Material: Cashmere
Dimensions: Height: 150cm, L: 200cm Width: 0.2cm
Care Instructions: Dry clean only
image Alabaster
image Mink
image Grey


The fringes are hand combed and each throw is finished with a unique ripple effect - the result of gentle brushing using specifically grown teasels.
The Maker Begg x Co Textile Weaver - Scotland

When it comes to selecting materials, Begg x Co uses the finest raw fibres available. Combining traditional weaving and finishing methods with cutting-edge production techniques, Begg x Co handcrafts exquisite scarves, stoles and throws that are a pleasure to touch, wear and own. Their commitment to honouring tradition, embracing innovation, and marrying the two, means they are expert in both historical weaving techniques, and the very best weaving technology.