Ash Shoulder Bag

Josey Goodin

Ash Shoulder Bag is a functional basket by Josey Goodin that can be displayed as a decorative piece, featuring leather straps and a maple lid. Woven with natural and dyed ash, this basket has a classic, rustic aesthetic, while the tapered body adds a modern twist. The tanned leather used for the straps is sourced from Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery in Devon, and the process is based on traditional techniques practiced by the north-eastern indigenous population of North America.

Material: Ash, leather
cm: Width 20cm, Depth 14cm, Height 23cm
inches: Width 7.9in, Depth 5.5in, Height 9.1in
Care Instructions: Dust as necessary. Wipe with damp cloth if needed.
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This basket has been woven with pounded ash splints and other raw materials which were harvested and processed by hand, then dyed with a steel wool & vinegar solution to create a drastic contrast of colour.
The Maker Josey Goodin Basket Maker - South West England

Taught by his father in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, Josey Goodin has been making baskets from ash wood since 2001. Josey takes pride in harvesting and selecting all of the materials necessary to create each basket, and is always pursuing new ways to highlight the natural beauty of the traditional form of ash basketry he specialises in. Mainly working with Ash, Josey incorporates natural dyes to enhance the design and basket features, as well as using leather or natural webbing to make straps for the baskets when required.