Bird Candelabra

Bird Candelabra by Fitch & McAndrew is a functional, yet ornamental, piece inspired by the cuckoo birds which nest in their garden in rural Scotland. The candelabra has been carefully modelled by hand and finished in warm honey tones that also emulate the tonality of the couple’s surrounding landscape.

Due to the natural variation inherent in glazes the finish may vary.

The Bird Candelabra is not sold with candles.

Material: Red clay, white slip, glaze
cm: Width 6.5cm, Depth 8cm, Height 15cm
inches: Width 2.6in, Depth 3.1in, Height 5.9in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp, soft cloth


This piece is entirely pinched and modelled by hand. The individual components are created then carefully joined together, once secure the piece is allowed to dry to leather hard before being dipped into white slip.
The Maker Fitch & McAndrew Ceramicist - Scotland

Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew are slipware potters based in Scotland. Drawing great inspiration on the heritage of British slipware, their pieces showcase traditional techniques applied in a contemporary way. Using a blend of earthenware clay sourced from Douglas’ birthplace, Devon, Fitch & McAndrew often work with warm palettes of chocolate brown and honey, inspired by their local landscape. All their dishes, pots and jugs are one-off pieces, richly detailed as well as functional.