Black and Pink Pedestal Vase II

Alison Lousada
Black and Pink Pedestal Vase II is a decorative ceramic piece with a volcanic glaze crafted by ceramicist Alison Lousada.

A raw, yet elegant vessel, inspired by the clay itself and the reaction between the glaze and volcanic matter, Icelandic landscapes and German studio pottery from the 60s and 70s. Alison takes care to leave brush marks, splashes and raw edges, in order to capture the imperfection of the maker's mark.
Material: Black and buff stoneware with porcelain
cm: Width 35cm, Height 33cm
inches: Width 13.8in, Height 13in
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp, lint-free cloth


This piece is handbuilt using a combination of clays. Volcanic slips are added under the glaze, then the piece goes through multiple firings, including a porcelain firing to break up the surface. The course black clay is left raw in parts to create contrast and reveal the natural texture of the clay.
The Maker Alison Lousada Ceramicist - London

Alison Lousada creates raw and elegant stoneware vessels, inspired by African and Japanese ceramics and Icelandic landscapes. Following a successful 15 year career designing printed textiles for Stella McCartney and Clements Ribeiro, her passion for ceramics grew from ‘anti fashion therapy’ to a full time profession under the guiding eye of Nicola Tassie. In 2016 Alison set up her ceramics studio to develop her practice of coarse textured stoneware vessels further.

Sculpted Form No. 440 by Bronwen Grieves
Sculpted Form No. 440
Bronwen Grieves