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Cameron Short, block printer, west Dorset

Cameron Short creates hand block-printed wallpaper, fabric and limited edition prints from the haven of his abode in rural Dorset – surrounded by ancient woods and Iron Age hill forts, with the sea a stone’s throw away.

Having firmly closed the lid on a previous advertising career in London, Cameron thrives on rural living, drawing inspiration for his imagery from his deep love of the English countryside, bygone rural life and the folklore of trees, plants and animals. Cameron describes this flow of his surroundings into his work as “a rich and magical seam… my designs are more than just arbitrary patterns – I tell stories through them, often depicting the tension in nature between beauty and violence. For instance, in ‘Varx’ we’re confronted by the hypnotic gaze of a dog fox, veiled by Foxgloves. Peer closer and we notice he’s licking his lips as the remnants of his supper float away on the evening air.” 

All of Cameron’s work is produced on his trusty 1904 proofing press, and everything is done by hand and eye – computers are notably absent from the process. He is also the proud owner of a 1890 John Farris shepherd’s hut in its original condition, where he can often be found whittling his printing blocks!

Cameron truly represents a ‘new movement’ of makers who reject the distractions of modern life, rooted as his practice is in sustainability and a connection to the land. He counts his previous mentor and acclaimed wallpaper maker Marthe Armitage as key to having shaped and honed his skills, and The New Craftsmen is looking forward to welcoming both into our Mayfair space to present the significance and durability of these crafts and the process of passing down knowledge from master to maker.

Cameron’s 1890s John Farris shepherd’s hut

‘Varx’, by Cameron Short


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