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Exploring ARTWORKS with Catherine Lock

The New Craftsmen is delighted to introduce ARTWORKS – The British Craft Collectibles of Tomorrow, showcasing work by the very best makers. Hand chosen by our Co-founder and Creative Director, Catherine Lock, each piece blurs the line between art and craft, reflecting the creative spirit of its maker. Displaying skilled ways of making, alongside experimental practice, this exquisite selection has been carefully curated to reflect the tangible poetry that derives from craft materials.

Blue and Chalk Wrap Around Bottle Daniel Reynolds The-New Craftsmen

‘Sky Blue and Chalk White Wrap Around Bottle’ by Daniel Reynolds

We sat down with Catherine to explore her vision for the collection, alongside her perennial love of craftsmanship and creative narrative. It is clear from the outset that her commitment to craft is bound to a deep appreciation for the time, effort and creative energy that goes into each piece. For her, it is important that ARTWORKS reflects a range of disciplines, alongside a “good spread of materiality” from wood, ceramics and glass to metal, willow and textiles.

Scorched Hollow Vessel Eleanor Lakelin The New Craftsmen

‘Scorched Hollow’ by Eleanor Lakeline

The collection includes those works that push the boundaries of craft, through experimentation at the very highest level. The makers selected to appear in ARTWORKS are either established and collected, like Nicola Tassie, Daniel Reynolds, Eleanor Lakelin and Grant McCaig, or emerging talents such as recent graduate Leah Jensen. Joe Hogan’s work is at the pinnacle of his craft, basket making, with pieces held public and private collections around the world.

Bog Wood Vessel Joe Hogan The New Craftsmen

‘Bog Wood Vessel’ by Joe Hogan

Catherine points out that discussions about craftsmanship inevitably highlight an accepted separation between art and craft. However, she feels this is a misguided assumption:

“Certainly, many of the pieces in this collection are not obviously functional. Often the delineation between art and craft is beauty, ornament, over function, but I would definitely argue against that, because at The New Craftsmen we firmly believe that a well crafted mug is a work of art. It is an expression of considered form, skilled process and exquisite finish. If anything, function is an added virtue; all art is functional to a degree, especially as a narrative device, a tangible means by which to tell a story.”

Viewpoint Nicola Tassie The New Craftsmen

‘Viewpoint’ by Nicola Tassie

Continuing to tell the the story of craft, by nurturing new talent, is important to Catherine, not least because ensuring perpetuity is an abiding way to celebrate beauty, and to articulate the sort of tangible poetry that will stand the test of time. In conceiving and carefully curating ARTWORKS, Catherine clearly hopes to ensure that skills-based creativity is valued and protected, so that makers have the space and the patronage to flourish.

Small Lateral Observation Grant McCaig The New Craftsmen

‘Lateral Observation’ by Grant McCaig

Catherine spent 15 years as a product, trend and brand developer for British high street brands such as Sainsbury’s and Habitat, working with factories and craftsmen internationally. In 2010, she toured the British Isles, meeting regional makers and traditional manufacturers. With an eye for quality, she has built an enviable knowledge of materials, processes and provenance. As such, Catherine works with architects, interior designers and her network of craftspeople to source fine craft pieces and bespoke commissions.

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