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Makers House Highlights

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During Makers House, we will be offering visitors the opportunity to involve themselves in the making process- painter Holly Frean (26th-27th) will be painting attendants in her imitable drawing style, while clothing mender Tom of Holland (24th-25th) will be repairing, patching and darning visitor’s clothing.


Holly Frean, The new Craftsmen

Holly Frean

From the 26th to the 27th, Painter Holly Frean will be producing 12 miniature oil paint portraits of attendants at Makers House. Known for her charming and humorous paintings, attendants will have the chance to book 1 hour sessions with Holly to get themselves captured on miniature pieces of canvas.

Paintings start from £240+, to book a slot or to find out more, email [email protected], or telephone 020 7148 3190


tom of holland, the new craftsmen

Tom of Holland

From the 24th-25th of September, visible mender Tom of Holland will be repairing woven fabric garments brought in by visitors with coloured wool, patching clothing as well as darning wool garments. Sessions are free and will be first come first served.

Tom has a deep understanding of fabrics and their characteristics and traditional techniques used in mending them. Working primarily with wool, he favours the old and imperfect over the brand new, as it brings to light the relationship between garment and wearer that has developed over time, creating a piece of clothing that is as unique as the history that created it.


Makers House is located at 1 Manette Street, London W1D 4AT, and is free for the public. For more information about Makers House, our partnership with Burberry, as well as a daily schedule of events, click on the links below

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