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Summer Workshops at The New Craftsmen

This summer, to celebrate the launch of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral we are inviting a series of makers to host workshops in our Mayfair space running until the end of August.

All workshops run from 2pm – 4pm at 34 North Row, Mayfair, and will be followed by tea and cake with the maker. See our full programme of Summer workshops below.

Tickets are available via our Billetto Page.

Mending & Darning Workshop with Tom of Holland: Saturday 22nd July


Mending & Darning with Tom of Holland

Learn creative mending techniques with darning expert Tom van Deijnen. Using the fabrics and threads provided, Tom will guide you through some easy darning and patching techniques, inspired by Tom’s pieces in the Summer Exhibition and his own collection of darning and sewing samplers. Participants will take home your repair sampler, a variety of darning needles, and a comprehensive hand-out. Participants are encouraged to bring along one of your own garments to repair. Please note that participants are expected to have basic sewing skills.

GBP 50.00 + GBP 2.15 fee

Book here

Natural Fabric dying Workshop with Lola Lely: Saturday 12th August


Natural dying with Lola Lely

Enter the fascinating world of dried herbs with Artist Lola Lely to create concentrated dyes from the domestic and natural world – from turmeric spice to oak wood – and make your own fabric dye-bundle to use at home.

GBP 50.00 + GBP 2.15 fee

Book here

Cyanotype Tile Workshop with Lola Lely: Saturday 19th August


Cyanotype tile making with Lola Lely

Create your own Flora & Fauna blue tile designs with Artist Lola Lely’s Cyanotype Workshop and take four tiles home with you – for kitchen, bathroom, or just decoration. Participants will learn how to create a contact sheet using pressed flowers and leaves, which will then be exposed by the sun onto the photo-sentitive-coated surface, leaving beautiful natural impressions on vivid blue tiles.

GBP 50.00 + GBP 2.15 fee

Book here



Collage Making Workshop with Jo Waterhouse: Saturday 24th June


Collages by Jo Waterhouse

Join illustrator and textile artist Jo Waterhouse for a two-hour long collage making workshop inspired by the Animal, Vegetable, Mineral exhibition at The New Craftsmen.

Working with Jo, participants will create paper cut-outs inspired by the summer show which they will then decorate with colouring and additional details using papers from Jo’s own collection. After a discussion about composition and balance, the participants will create a final piece that they can take home with them.

After the workshop Jo will be on hand to talk about her own practice over tea and cake.


Block-printing Textile Workshop with Louisa Loakes: Saturday 8th July


Block-printing with Louisa Loakes 

Join textile artist Louisa Loakes for a block-printing workshop.  Choosing from a selection of blocks, participants will use charcoal to experiment with mark making – rubbing and cutting onto paper to find their very own unique abstract composition before cutting onto their own block. During the workshop enjoy experimenting with the carved block, twisting and turning until you reach a design you are happy with. In this workshop participants will learn how to cut a linoleum block, transfer it onto natural linen and to create a simple pattern repeat for your own printed linen cushion cover.

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