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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

Dubbed the “coolest collection of crafters” in last weekend’s Sunday Times, The New Craftsmen has selected a winning range of products that won’t fail to impress this Valentine’s Day, from a pair of uniquely formed roundy tumblers perfect for an informal glass of wine (£50 each), and a vibrant red light globe (£155), both by Michael Ruh, to a striking but simple stirling silver spaghetti ring (£140) by Disa Allsopp, that has been reticulated and hammered to create a unique “ancient” feel. One of our favourites is this rare North Ronaldsay sheepskin (£170), hand-cured and softened with rain water by Isle of Auskerry.  (All pictured below).

Hand-cured North Ronaldsay sheepskin rug, £170. Click here to purchase.

Vibrant red light globe, by Michael Ruh. Click here to purchase.

Silver spaghetti ring by Disa Allsopp. Click here to purchase.


Roundy tumblers, by Michael Ruh. Click here to purchase.

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