Body Collage

Jo Waterhouse
Body Collage is a compositional artwork created by Jo Waterhouse during the Lockdown period at home in the town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Jo uses a treasure-trove of materials to build her pieces, including gold leaf, marbled paper and vintage sketchbooks unearthed in car boot sales. She hand-cuts a variety of papers to layer, adding her own painting and drawings too. Delving into her offcuts drawer, Jo began pulling out human fragments – faces, arms, hands, feet – and arranging them in a characterful display. The resulting piece is whimsical, and uniquely celebrates the joy of human interaction during a phase of intense isolation.

Material: Photographs, etchings, coloured paper and card, gouache and watercolour
Dimensions: Height: 52.5cm, Length: 43cm, Width: 4cm
Care Instructions: Wipe glass with damp cloth, display out of direct sunlight


Having organised her vast collection of treasured offcuts, Jo was inspired to begin piecing together a collage which focuses on human interaction. She carefully arranged each component to draw the eye around the page, using the directions of people’s gazes and gestures. As Jo was making this work, she poured feelings of fondness for the human race into its assembly. Thinking about a time in the future when we can all walk about as we please, Jo’s finished piece contemplates humanity and celebrates human form. It is mounted on handmade paper from the UK and custom-framed.
The Maker Jo Waterhouse Illustrator - East of England

Jo Waterhouse is an illustrator and textile designer based in the town of Hitchin in East England. Jo studied at the Dartington College of Arts and originally worked in antiques before starting her illustrative practice. During this time she learnt about historic materials and designs - elements that have greatly influenced her work. Jo Waterhouse’s pieces draw heavily on her surroundings and British folk traditions. Her characterful illustrative are lush with patterns, textures and surprising details.