Bramley Green Breakfast Set for Two

John Wheeldon
Georgiana Breakfast Set by John Wheeldon, comprised of two small plates, two mugs & two high bowls in Bramley Green.

Inspired by traditional 18th Century creamware, this Breakfast Set by ceramicist John Wheeldon in Bramley Green is a unique yet versatile set exclusive to The New Craftsmen. John has manufactured his own tools based on examples of those typically used in Britain at that time. The imprint of his roulette wheel creates the collection's signature design motif.

This product is available in bespoke variations, please enquire for further details.

Material: Earthenware & stoneware
Dimensions: Height: 8cm, Width: 8.5cm (mugs), Height: 3cm, Width: 22cm (plates), Height: 7cm, Width: 14cm (high bowls)
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


John throws the main body of each piece individually on the wheel, then creates the handles of the mugs using ceramic extrusions. The pieces are bisque fired to 1120°C and decorated with transparent lead-free glaze, which has been hand-mixed with blends of coloured stains.
The Maker John Wheeldon Ceramicist - East Midlands

Creating tableware that contemporises traditional 18th century creamware designs, Derbyshire-based ceramicist John Wheeldon draws inspiration from early pioneers in the field, such as Josiah Wedgewood, Thomas Whieldon and William Greatbach. To decorate his work, John has manufactured his own specialist tools, such as roulettes and handle dies, based on examples found in museums originating from the 1700s.