Bread Cloche 1kg Loaf

Isatu Hyde
Bread Cloche 1kg Loaf is a functional piece by ceramicist Isatu Hyde, which is inspired by Mexican cooking pots and made from micaceous clay.
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The Maker Isatu Hyde Ceramicist - West Midlands

Ceramicist Isatu Hyde trained in pottery for three years under the instruction of Andrew Crouch at The Marches Pottery in Ludlow, Shropshire. Isatu is Andrew’s only apprentice and works alongside him still. Isatu works with a range of clays, glazes and styles, with a focus on reduction-fired stoneware. Function is an important aspect of Isatu's work as she is inspired by “beauty that is identified by use” (Soetsu Yanagi), as well as her love for domestic craft from ancient civilisations, from Minoan vases to Japanese Jomon fire pots