Bronze Pirifom

Alexander de Vol
Bronze Pirifom vessel by Lancashire-based craftsman Alex de Vol is inspired by the relationship between maker and material. This work represents an ongoing series of investigations in bronze and is a one-off artwork which tangibly explores form and finish. Alex often scours the landscape for fallen trees, each with a story of its own; translating the age and integrity of timber is central to his work. The organic features of the natural material are juxtaposed by their casting in a highly refined and metal alloy, bronze.
Material: Lancashire chestnut, copied in wax and hot cast in solid bronze.
cm: Width 15cm, Depth 15cm, Height 25cm
inches: Width 5.9in, Depth 5.9in, Height 9.8in
Care Instructions: Handle with care; finish will naturally patina over time.
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks


This tall, footed vessel was turned and hand carved from a storm damaged chestnut tree burl, before being cast into bronze using the lost wax method. The original vessel’s delicate 2mm walls allowed the wood to warp as it dried, creating a unique asymmetry. The vessel's jagged rim occurs naturally by the tree's bark and burl formations.
The Maker Alexander de Vol Artist & Designer - North West England

Alexander de Vol is a designer, artist and maker whose work investigates the material properties of wood and their transferal into other materials. Alexander uses a mix of traditional casting methods and new technologies to document the natural behavior and movement of the vessels which he crafts from 'green wood', while taking care to preserve the features he feels are aesthetically synonymous with the material's origin. Alongside his artistic practice, Alexander lectures in design at the University of Central Lancashire and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Burberry’s Makers House in London.