Ceramic Seed Pod No. 33

Frances Pelly
Ceramic Seed Pod No. 33 by Frances Pelly is a small decorative sculpture, inspired by Frances' love of plants and the botanical life she encounters on the island of Orkney, in Scotland, which she calls home.

Exploring the parallels between pottery and sculpture, this unique piece first took root in Frances' many sketches of botanic forms. Observing the growth and change throughout the seasons punctuates Frances' daily life on the Orkney Islands, inspiring her to depict these influences in ceramic form.
Material: Combination of throwing and hand-building clay with manganese oxide
cm: Width 8.5cm, Depth 7cm, Height 9.5cm
inches: Width 3.3in, Depth 2.8in, Height 3.7in
Care Instructions: Wipe with cloth
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This piece was handmade by pressing clay into moulds and adding leaves or flowers to the surface, often incorporating local clay from the island which is coarse and fragile to use. Frances then lifts the clay from the mould and further shapes the form to make each ceramic pod unique. She then applies manganese oxide to the pod, printing the outline of the greenery to the exterior. Once fired, she then carves, rasps, and burnishes the surface to create the desired effect.
The Maker Frances Pelly Sculptor - Scotland

Frances Pelly has worked as a practicing sculptor since completing her postgraduate art degree in Dundee, having resided in Orkney since she was invited to be an artist in residence at the Highland Park Distillery more than 30 years ago. Frances draws a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, exploring the local land, seascape and flora in her unique forms. Frances has also travelled internationally with her work, having also completed notable residencies at Fort William Library, The Eden Project and on Baffin Island.