Chalk Circle Paper Wreath

Jane Ponsford
Chalk Circle Paper Wreath by Surrey-based papermaker Jane Ponsford is an exquisite and ethereal piece. It forms part of a new collection of work for The New Craftsmen.

Inspired by the landscape of the Downs in southern England, this ethereal paper wreath balances the fragile and complex. Walking is a vital part of Jane's practise, a meditative activity that is reflected in this calm wreath. It is created from paper pulp, made from cotton rag and chalk.
Material: Cotton rag, chalk
cm: Width 42cm, Depth 42cm, Height 10cm
inches: Width 16.5in, Depth 16.5in, Height 3.9in
Care Instructions: Wash dome by hand with mild soap
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This piece is created from paper pulp, which is made from beaten cotton rag and chalk. The pulp is hand-cast into tiny sheets using custom-shaped moulds and deckles. While the sheets are still flexible, they are pressed and manipulated into different shapes.
The Maker Jane Ponsford Artist & Maker - London

Jane Ponsford is a London-based papermaker and artist who makes exquisite sculptural forms. Her pieces resemble organic forms – hummocky and wrinkled, some could even be mistaken for mushrooms on the forest floor. Working mainly with linen and cotton rag, Jane mixes chalk, clay, natural dyes and even volcanic ash into her papers. She regularly teaches papermaking courses at places such as West Dean in Sussex and Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall.

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