Charcoal and Chalk Parallel Bottle

Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds' Charcoal and Chalk White Parallel Bottle is part of a handmade ceramics range inspired by the methods of the ancients.

Daniel's large hand built pots operate as striking focal points, helping to define larger spaces, highlight architectural details, and complement natural lighting in reception halls and other open environments.
Material: White Stoneware Clay.
Dimensions: Height: 56cm, Diameter: 22cm.
Care Instructions: Dusted or washed with a damp cloth.
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Each pot is constructed via the coiling method, a time-honoured pottery technique. Clay is rolled into long strands, then laid one coil on top of the other. This process enables the construction of taller, stronger walls, resulting in large scale works. The choice of white stoneware clay, black slip, and a shiny black glaze interior is bold and simple, reminiscent of Daniel's Venezuelan heritage. The white dolomite glaze is based on a David Leach recipe, paying homage to the work of Bernard Leach's elder son, and to the legacy of The Leach Pottery, Cornwall.
Charcoal and Chalk Parallel Bottle
The Maker Daniel Reynolds Ceramicist - South East England

Daniel Reynolds is a sculptor and ceramicist, creating abstract mobiles, lighting, and large ceramic vessels. His work reflects the salient movements of the twentieth century, paying homage to British artists such as Victor Pasmore, Patrick Heron and William Scott. In contrast, his ceramic technique draws a direct line to the ancients, resulting in ample forms, enhanced through the use of simple colours and patterning. Daniel's work has recently been exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York.