Chart Walk

Alice Walton
Chalk Walk Sculpture by London-based ceramicist Alice Walton is inspired by the sun-bleached walls and monsoon-drenched temples of Rajasthan. Alice makes original ceramics, exploring complex and intense surface textures over simple forms. Intrigued by rock formations and monoliths, each piece is intended to sit within a landscape of objects, thus creating an abstract scene. The sedimentary, coloured surface is reminiscent of the cementation of the Earth's surface.
Material: White stoneware clay and porcelain slip.
cm: Width 22cm, Depth 28cm, Height 39cm
inches: Width 8.7in, Depth 11in, Height 15.4in
Care Instructions: Please lift carefully and place on a flat surface; wash with a damp cloth.


This piece was press moulded into a handmade mould, then assembled into a standing shape. When mark-making, Alice uses dressmaking pins, sewing needles and her grandfather’s bradawl. Layered porcelain slip was then added, staining and oxidising the surface to create a two-tone effect.
The Maker Alice Walton Ceramicist - South East England

Ceramicist Alice Walton works with coloured clay throughout its plastic states, aiming to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms provoke intrigue through exploring complex and intense surface textures. Alice graduated with a Masters in Ceramics from the RCA and has exhibited across Europe, including residencies at the European Ceramic Context in Denmark and the V&A. She has also been awarded the Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Travel Scholarship, and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Scholarship.