Cloudscape Vessel

Celia Dowson
Cloudscape Vessel is a one-off decorative piece created by glass artist, Celia Dowson, which was inspired by her time at a ceramic residency in Taiwan during the monsoon season. Through form and colour, this series of work explores the interplay of light on surfaces, drawing inspiration from the breadth of the natural world.

For this piece, Celia has used fine frit to create a soft gradation from opal white to clear, creating a misty effect which is reminiscent of morning clouds haloing great mountains as they evaporate in the heat of the day.

The finished vessel takes on a form that proposes a function, but with a conceptual narrative that evokes time and place, allowing it to become a contemplative object.

Material: Glass
cm: Diameter 24.5cm, Height 18cm
inches: Diameter 9.6in, Height 7.1in
Care Instructions: Dust with a lint free cloth in circular motions


The form was first realised by Celia on a lathe, carved and shaped using wax making the form unique. This wax model is then cast in plaster and steamed to allow the wax to melt out of the mould leaving a recess in the shape of the vessel. Crushed glass is then carefully placed in the mould, weighed out in careful percentages to create the soft colour gradation.

When the glass becomes molten, the layers of coloured frit compress and fill in the shape which was originally the wax model. The trapped air between layers results in the bubbles being unable to rise out of the glass and instead fill the piece creating a misty depth.

After a few days left to cool in the kiln, the mould is then removed and broken away from the glass. The work's precise and clean surface finishes are then achieved through meticulous cold working stages; hand grinding and sanding, flattening the base and softening the surface using silicon carbide grits in a coarse to fine texture to achieve the satin finish.

The vessel is taken to a high polish by Celia using cerium oxide, allowing the light to reflect through the piece. While the inside has a satin finish, creating a distinction between inside and outside.
The Maker Celia Dowson Glass Artist - London

Celia Dowson is a London based artist working in both ceramics and cast glass. Inspired by the movement in nature her work reflects the colours, the changing light, and mystery of the natural world. Celia is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, where she specialised in both ceramics and cast glass. She received an MA from the RCA, 2018 and a BA (Hons.) in ceramic design from the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, 2014.

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