Clover Musician Collage

Jo Waterhouse
Clover Musician Collage by paper collage artist Jo Waterhouse, is one of a series of new folklore inspired creations that draw us into enchanting worlds of narrative and characters which are both real and mystical. Within this piece Jo explores ritual and folklore, as well as the earnest eccentricities of individuals, represented in the form of ladylike bows and playful brass instruments.
Each of Jo’s collages include a layering of different materials, tones and textures which are as fascinating as the scene they depict. For this piece she has used paste and sugar paper, with accents of gold leaf to give it an exuberant quality. Each collage is also mounted on paper handmade in the UK.
Material: Hand cut and coloured paper, drawing and painting
Dimensions: Height: 56cm, Width: 40cm
Care Instructions: Clean with a damp cloth, ideally display out of direct sunlight
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Rich in detail and narrative, Jo Waterhouse uses a variety of techniques within her work to produce pieces that are refreshingly free from digital interventions. Often collecting papers which display interesting characteristics - such as colour, surface, pattern, texture - and then cutting, layering and arranging them to create a composition that brings to life stories of folklore, everyday life and her own imagination.
Clover Musician Collage
The Maker Jo Waterhouse Illustrator - East of England

Jo Waterhouse is an illustrator and textile designer based in the town of Hitchin in East England. Jo studied at the Dartington College of Arts and originally worked in antiques before starting her illustrative practice. During this time she learnt about historic materials and designs - elements that have greatly influenced her work. Jo Waterhouse’s pieces draw heavily on her surroundings and British folk traditions. Her characterful illustrative are lush with patterns, textures and surprising details.