The British Summertime Edit

Come Rain or Shine

Discover our curated edit of summertime pieces, encapsulating what we love most about the season.

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  1. Pale Samphire Serving Bowl (Large) by Arjan Van Dal
    Pale Samphire Serving Bowl (Large)
    Out of stock
    Arjan Van Dal
    Out of stock
  2. Willow Seedlip Basket by Annemarie O'Sullivan
    Willow Seedlip Basket
    Annemarie O'Sullivan
  3. Lolium Throw (Meadow)
    Lolium Throw (Meadow)
    Bristol Weaving Mill
  4. Pale Samphire Handled Jug (Large) by Arjan Van Dal
    Pale Samphire Handled Jug (Large)
  5. Willow Oval Shopper by Annemarie O'Sullivan
    Willow Oval Shopper
    Annemarie O'Sullivan
  6. L'al Yak (Little Oak) Bag by The New Craftsmen
    L'al Yak (Little Oak) Bag
    Lorna Singleton
  7. 'Devon Maund' Woven Picnic Hamper (White) by Hilary Burns
    'Devon Maund' Woven Picnic Hamper (White)
    Out of stock
    Hilary Burns
    Out of stock
  8. Foraging Shoulder Bag by Josey Goodin
    Foraging Shoulder Bag
    Josey Goodin
  9.  Range
    Willow Feasting Centrepiece (Small)
    Annemarie O'Sullivan
  10. Large Swill Basket
    Large Swill Basket
    Lorna Singleton
  11. Hand Block-Printed Cushion (Rhombus)
    Hand Block-Printed Cushion (Rhombus)
  12. Willow Knitting Basket
    Willow Knitting Basket
    Hilary Burns
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Products 1-12 of 23 found