No 5 Trug with Strapped Base
No 5 Trug with Strapped Base
No 5 Trug with Strapped Base
No 5 Trug with Strapped Base

No 5 Trug with Strapped Base

No5 oval Trug with strapped base is by Dominic Parrette,a basketmaker specialising in woven and constructed frame baskets and one of the only professional makers making traditional sussex trugs. 
The traditional Sussex trug is made by sourcing of locally grown coppiced chestnut and making use of willow offcuts from the cricket bat-making trade root them within a sustainable local economy. The form of the basket has been informed both by function and available materials, and the design has been refined through generations of makers to the trug that we know today. 

Material: Coppiced Chestnut & Willow
cm: Length 47cm, Width 28cm, Height 24cm 
inches: Length 18.5in, Width 11cm, Height 9.5in 
Care Instructions: Dust with a feather duster

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The more rounded oval Trug is a contemporary shape but retains the very traditional strapped base. The diagonal Base bands as well as the handle and rim are hand shaved sweet chestnut that is steam bent into shape.

The boards are made from hand shaved white willow shaped and thinned using a drawknife and shave horse. The boards are shaved thin enough that when soaked in water will bend into a smooth curve giving the Trug it’s distinctive boat like shape.