Small Cylinder II
Small Cylinder II
Small Cylinder II

Small Cylinder II

In this series of calming works, Edmond continues to examine the metameric phenomenon; when two individual colours appear indistinguishable to the human eye, their difference is revealed with a change in ambient light.

Edmond Byrne is a glass artist and educator with an experimental approach to process and making that explores tactility, colour psychology, sustainability, and digital craft. Each piece is unique.

Material: Glass
cm: Height 28cm Diameter 8cm
inches: Height 11in Diameter 3.1in
Care Instructions: Dust with lint-free cloth


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Edmond Byrne creates each mould using materials like clay, fabric and plaster that introduce unpredictable, unique elements to each piece. Edmond’s approach to craft is experimental. The themes of assembly, stacking and play run consistently througout his practice.