Hilary Burns
The Craust basket by master basket-weaver Hilary Burns is made using her own crop of willow from Devon.

The craust or 'crib' basket was traditionally used by farm labourers as a lunch box. Historically, they would take a craust basket filled with food and drink, accompanied with a blanket, to fuel their work in the fields. Hilary has re-interpreted the original design, using a mix of natural coloured willows to create a more refined piece.
Material: Willow
cm: Width 29cm, Depth 75cm, Height 28cm
inches: Width 11.4in, Depth 29.5in, Height 11in
Care Instructions: Dust and wipe with cloth, store in a warm dry place.


Hilary grows numerous varieties of willow on the Dartington estate in Devon. Between November and March she harvests the crops herself, drying the rods and re-soaking them so they can be woven into various functional and decorative forms throughout the year.
The Maker Hilary Burns Basket Maker - South West England

Hilary Burns is a Devon based basketmaker who grows, harvests, soaks and bends her own willow to create functional pieces and decorative baskets. Weaving has been a constant in her life, originally she trained as a fabric weaver before taking up the craft of basketry thirty years ago. In 1985, she planted several willow beds to grow her own sustainable materials – hazel, oak and ash. Her work is based on traditional techniques applied in a contemporary way to achieve a robust and natural look.

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