Creepie I

Gareth Neal
Creepie I by Gareth Neal is an extension of the existing Brodgar collection, drawing inspiration from traditional Orkney milking stool known in Orcadian dialect as a 'creepie'. To 'creep' means to bend down low, and the stools were made low to the ground for convenience. These stools also featured finger holes in the top so workers could easily carry them across the byre, as featured in this modern interpretation of the design.
Material: Oak, Straw
Dimensions: Height: 32cm, Length: 64cm, Width: 30cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp, lint-free cloth.
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The Creepie is created using off-cuts and ad-hoc making techniques; utilising waste material to create a sustainable, multi-functional piece.
The Maker Gareth Neal Furniture Maker - South East England

Gareth Neal is an East London-based furniture designer who through material inventiveness and curiosity, has helped to shape a new era in contemporary British craft. Gareth is passionate about honouring ‘people, process and place’ working collaboratively to champion the use of indigenous materials and traditional processes. Gareth Neal’s studio produces a variety of furniture pieces including seating, cabinetry and sculptural artworks all with a focus on sustainability and respect to the environment.