Diamond Stingray Ceiling Light

Diamond Stingray Ceiling Light by London-based ceramicist Flora Wallace, is inspired by the fascinating world of sea creatures.

Flora's fascination with fish and water dwelling creatures makes for an interesting study on form. Specifically for this lampshade, the undulating edges respond to the movement and flow of a diamond stingray and emerge from a series of experiments Flora conducted with light and shadow.

Each light comes with 1.5m of flex and a bronze bulb holder. International wiring is available, please enquire for further details.

This product is available in bespoke variations, please enquire for further details.

Material: Porcelain and oxides
cm: Width 26cm, Depth 26cm, Height 4cm
inches: Width 10.2in, Depth 10.2in, Height 1.6in
Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a damp cloth.
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks


This piece is built by rolling out slabs of porcelain draped over a mould and then pinched at the edges to create movement and undulation. Using tools and her fingers, Flora etches the pattern onto the surface, whilst also pressing into the clay to make the porcelain’s thickness and translucency uneven so that the light shines through at varying degrees. Each lampshade is hand painted with a mixture of oxides and applied with a painterly quality.
The Maker Flora Wallace Ceramicist - London

Flora Wallace is a London-based ceramicist, specialising in functional porcelain sculptures. After Flora worked as an apprentice to Spanish sculptor Christobal Martin in the mountains west of Madrid, she graduated from Brighton University with a BA in 3D Design and Material Practice specialising in ceramics. Her adventurous spirit stems from her childhood in Dorset, where she spent most of her time outside and at night would use candle light to find her way. As such, Flora has a keen interest in nature, light and shadow. Her pieces are inspired by observing natural forms, and the different perceptual experiences of animals, plants and fungi.