Fermentation Crock

The Fermentation Crock by Joe Hartley is a functional piece of homeware, made to house pickled and fermented vegetables like Sauerkraut or Kimchi. The crock is a celebration of texture, with each component bearing the maker's mark.

The Fermentation Crock is an example of Joe's interest in exploring old and new materials and processes.Using a mixture of hand-thrown matt ivory, lichen and coarse stoneware, the crock is characterised by the different combinations of clay whilst still being exacting in its purpose and function. A set of internal weights allow for food to be pressed down, while the lid controls the release of air. This piece came into being following a conversation with a chef, who explained the change in texture that occurs during the pickling process.
Material: Buff stoneware clay.
Care Instructions: To be cleaned with a hot damp cloth only.

Joe has experience of working in the food industry, which has informed his ability to create playful but usable homewares. As well as meticulous research into the fermentation process, Joe’s has combined handbuilt and thrown techniques, and different types of clays reflecting his inherent curiosity in materials and their behaviours.
The Maker Joe Hartley Designer - North West England

Working from his Manchester studio, Joe Hartley makes ceramic objects and homewares that communicate ideas about the way we interact with objects and space. Inspired by quotidian tasks, his objects have a precise function and considered design. Central to Joe’s practice is his potter’s wheel, which he uses to create clean, minimal ceramic pieces, often including secondary materials, such as cork, wood and textiles. In 2014, Joe was shortlisted for the prestigious Perrier-Jouet Art Salon Prize.