Fern Square Cushion

Lora Avedian
Fern Square Cushion by multidisciplinary artist Lora Avedian is a contemporary piece inspired by antique British textiles traditionally found in country homes.

Fern Square Cushion by Lora Avedian is inspired by the gardens of country homes, such as Ham House in Richmond, where Lora spent a lot of time during her childhood. This piece reflects upon the drawings and photographs Lora took on those visits, translated into stitch.
Material: Peach viscose crepe, viscose embroidery threads, silk.
Dimensions: Height: 55cm, Width: 55cm, Length: 15cm.
Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
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Each part of the cushion is crafted by hand, the leaves are stitched using an industrial freehand embroidery machine called an Irish, before they are then stitched onto a separate material, cut out and appliquéd onto the cushion to create a relief effect.
Fern Square Cushion
The Maker Lora Avedian Textile Artist - London

Multidisciplinary artist Lora Avedian depicts elements of narrative through textile and craft processes, employing traditional embroidery and embellishment techniques to craft modern designs. Following a successful career in set design and embroidery, Lora was awarded a Masters in Mixed Media Textiles from the Royal College of Art in 2017. She favours slow processes, focusing on short run and bespoke projects, and prefers to use antique and one-off materials such as cords, braids and ribbons when creating her pieces.