Flower Study Collage IV

Lora Avedian
Flower Study Collage IV forms part of a series of artworks by multidisciplinary artist, Lora Avedian. Inspired by a collection of 17th century hand cut collages from the Ottoman Empire, Lora has created her own collection of one-off collages exclusive to The New Craftsmen. Flower Study Collage IV was modelled on locally grown Dahlia flowers handpicked by a sustainable florist in Lora’s local neighbourhood, Balham, in South London. The collage is framed in an ash wood frame.

Material: Acid free handmade paper, gouache & pencil
Dimensions: Width: 41cm, Depth 3cm, Height: 53.5cm
Care Instructions: Wipe glass with damp cloth, display out of direct sunlight
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Lora begins the process of her artworks by creating texture and colour on acid free paper using a combination of gouache paint, coloured pencil, and pastels. Each piece is then hand drawn and cut, later to be arranged as part of the collage. Lora’s collages are handmade in her studio, and are drawn from flowers which grow in the UK.
The Maker Lora Avedian Artist & Maker - London

Multidisciplinary artist Lora Avedian depicts elements of narrative through textile and craft processes, employing traditional embroidery and embellishment techniques to craft modern designs. Following a successful career in set design and embroidery, Lora was awarded a Masters in Mixed Media Textiles from the Royal College of Art in 2017. She favours slow processes, focusing on short run and bespoke projects, and prefers to use antique and one-off materials such as cords, braids and ribbons when creating her pieces.