Girl with Bird Vessel III

Charlotte McLeish

Girl with Bird Vessel III is a hand-pinched, terracotta vase created by ceramicist Charlotte McLeish. For this purely decorative piece, Charlotte has chosen to celebrate the goddess Hecate, who appears in various forms in Greek mythology but often as a bird which is associated with witchcraft and magic.

Whilst exploring the forms and silhouettes of vases of ancient Greece, Charlotte found herself not only drawn to their shape but the storytelling role of the vase within this ancient civilisation. Each vase playfully recreates the energy of these narratives with figures, patterns, and stories inscribed onto their surface, capturing the trevails of Gods, Goddesses, women, animals and mythical creatures.

Material:Terracotta, glazes and oxides
Dimensions: Height: 13cm, L: 12cm Width: 11cm
Care Instructions:Clean with a dry or lightly damp cloth only
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This vessel is shaped with pinching and coiling techniques, using a lightly textured terracotta clay. Once fired, the vessel is sanded smooth to create a fine, even surface for hand painting. The process of applying underglaze and oxides to hand paint the piece, produces a beautiful contrast between the image and subtle texture of terracotta.
The Maker Charlotte McLeish Ceramicist - London

East London-based ceramicist Charlotte McLeish makes elegant stoneware vases and vessels. Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Egyptian ceramics, her pieces offer a pure and refined take on a traditional style. Having grown up in a family of jewellers, she has always been fascinated with hand-made processes and went on to study Ceramic Design at Central St Martins. Charlotte combines five different clays and uses only two dry glazes, resulting in her pieces having strong visual unity.