Glass Meadow

Jochen Holz
Glass Meadow is a conceptual installation by royal florist Philippa Craddock and glass artist Jochen Holz, featuring a landscape of 21 vessels crafted from free blown borosilicate glass.

A collaborative project between two masters of their craft: Philippa Craddock, best known for creating the floral displays for Prince Harry and Meghan's Windsor wedding, and acclaimed designer Jochen Holz who creates unique pieces from lamp-worked laboratory glass. Functional forms sit alongside playful decorative vessels of varying shapes and heights to create an undulating landscape of glass. When filled with water and flowers, the organic fluted vessels have a jewel like quality; suspending and refracting light and colour.

Material: Borosilicate glass.
Dimensions: 21 vessels. Height: from 8cm to 22cm. Please contact The New Craftsmen for further information.
Care Instructions: Each vessel is dishwasher safe.
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When conceiving the installation Jochen and Philippa sent several months in dialogue, visiting each others' studios and understanding their working practices. By fusing their expertise they wanted to create the perfect collection of vessels that would support the thoughtful gesture of a plant and flower presented in unison. From a single stem to whole arrangements the impetus was to create elegant and playful ways to bring nature into the home.
The Maker Jochen Holz Glass Artist - South East England

Jochen Holz is an award winning contemporary glass artist producing vibrant, organically shaped lampworked glassware and artworks. Jochen originally trained in lamp working in Germany before studying glass at Edinburgh College of Art and The RCA. After graduating in 2003, Jochen established his studio in East London. Jochen Holz’s approach to design is guided by the lampworking process and the flowing forms of hot glass. Each piece is a one off with a unique, spontaneous energy.