Glass Meadow

Jochen Holz, Philippa Craddock
Glass Meadow is a conceptual installation by royal florist Philippa Craddock and glass artist Jochen Holz, featuring a landscape of 21 vessels crafted from free blown borosilicate glass.
Now sold. An adaption of the original installation can be made to order by request.

Please note that the hanging cord featured in these images is not included in the purchase price, however bespoke, coloured cord can be sourced upon request.

Material: Borosilicate glass.
Dimensions: 21 vessels. Height: from 8cm to 22cm. Please contact The New Craftsmen for further information.
Care Instructions: Each vessel is dishwasher safe.
10-12 Weeks


When conceiving the installation Jochen and Philippa sent several months in dialogue, visiting each others' studios and understanding their working practices. By fusing their expertise they wanted to create the perfect collection of vessels that would support the thoughtful gesture of a plant and flower presented in unison. From a single stem to whole arrangements the impetus was to create elegant and playful ways to bring nature into the home.
Glass Meadow