Grey Aryballos Vessel III

Charlotte McLeish
Grey Aryballos Vessel III is a unique, handmade vase by London-based ceramicist Charlotte McLeish. Made from stoneware clay and finished in a dry, chalky dolomite glaze, this vase is suitable for displaying flowers or as a stand alone decorative piece. Influenced by ancient Greek and Egyptian ceramics, and enamoured by the small-scale classical perfume bottles on display at The British Museum, Charlotte's latest collection for The New Craftsmen ties in beautifully with her previous work and offers a pure, refined take on a traditional style.

Material: Grey stoneware clay with matt freckled glaze
cm: Width 6cm, Depth 10cm, Height 13cm
inches: Width 2.4in, Depth 3.9in, Height 5.1in
Care Instructions: Clean with a dry or lightly damp cloth only.


The vase is built up from a pinch pot using coils and slabs of stoneware clay and decorated simply, with porcelain slip and a smooth, matt grey glaze. The glaze is often mixed with organic materials found on walks, such as seaweed and sand. Charlotte names her pieces after the ancient vases that initially inspired them, a theme which runs throughout her work.
The Maker Charlotte McLeish Ceramicist - London

East London-based ceramicist Charlotte McLeish makes elegant stoneware vases and vessels. Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Egyptian ceramics, her pieces offer a pure and refined take on a traditional style. Having grown up in a family of jewellers, she has always been fascinated with hand-made processes and went on to study Ceramic Design at Central St Martins. Charlotte combines five different clays and uses only two dry glazes, resulting in her pieces having strong visual unity.