Grogged Vessel II

Grogged Vessel II by ceramicist Iva Polachova can be used as a decorative piece or functional. To increase its tactility, Iva has mixed several clays and added grit and small stones to create the body of the textural vessel. The combination of materials also causes the glaze to move and break differently across the surface of the vessel. Before the glaze is applied, she carefully scratches the surface to make gentle marks that move with the form of the piece and subtly show through the calming, matt white glaze. Due to the clay’s porous nature, please protect your surface underneath.

Material: Stoneware, glaze
cm: Width 19cm, Depth 19cm, Height 22cm
inches: Width 7.5in, Depth 7.5in, Height 8.7in
Care Instructions: Dust gently with a dry cloth


Iva works the clay with care and intensity, eschewing the potter's wheel and choosing to only coil and pinch her pieces into existence, thus heightening her physical connection to the work.The vessels are made from several clays, grit and stones using simple tools, then decorated with a calm and neutral palette, adding to their serenity.
The Maker Iva Polachova Ceramicist - London

Iva Polachova is a London based potter specialising in contemporary ceramics, tableware and decorative vessels. The creative process and rhythm of making are crucial to Iva’s work. She draws inspiration from sculptor Constantin Brancusi on the essential in art and is influenced by artist Paul Klee’s thoughts on the artist distilling from nature. Iva’s work combines balance, clearness, fluidity and tactility. She uses a variety of clays ranging from the refined to the coarse – from porcelain to crank.