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Agalis Manessi Portrait

Agalis Manessi


Agalis Manessi creates a range of ceramics in the rich historical medium of ‘Maiolica’ – a ceramic process developed over five hundred years ago. The red terracotta clay is dipped in an earthenware glaze into which tin oxide has been added to create a white opaque glossy surface when fired. Read More

Before firing, the glaze is painted with a range of metal oxides, such as copper and cobalt, which are absorbed like fresco, brilliantly preserving the colours.

Agalis Manessi creates whimsical ceramic creatures, striving for a poetic simplicity. The modelled animals and figures take on an animated nature, communicating silently yet eloquently some kind of message to the viewer.

She draws inspiration from diverse references, ranging from Renaissance frescos through to works by Fauvist painters.


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