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Eleanor Lakelin

Maker in wood

Eleanor Lakelin uses a lathe and carving tools to make vessels and sculptural forms in wood. She is based in South London at Cockpit Arts, a studio-colony of artists and makers. Read More

Having learnt to carve and sculpt wood using centuries old tools, Eleanor now uses a number of traditional and modern techniques to explore her fascination with the material. ‘I am interested in the way natural elements and processes layer and colour wood and how the passage of time is etched into the fibres of the material. I peel back bark to reveal the organic chaos that can exist in the material itself or build up layers of texture through carving and sandblasting,' she says. 'I use the vessel form and surface pattern to explore the layers and fissures between creation and decay.’

The provenance of materials is of particular importance to Eleanor and she likes to share the story behind each piece of work. In order to create ethical and sustainable work, she only uses wood from trees felled in the British Isles.

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