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Flora Bhattachary

Jewellery Designer-Maker

Flora Bhattachary is an award winning jeweller based in London. Supporting slow fashion and hand-production in limited editions, Flora is committed to creating quality pieces worthy of passing on to future generations. Read More

Since graduating with an MA from Central St Martins in 2014, she has been named a Hot 100 NexGem by Professional Jeweller, and has shown her work internationally. 

Combining CAD technology and rapid prototyping with traditional practice, Flora mixes new techniques with the ancient traditions of wax carving and casting. Her family history and stories inspire her designs, and she enjoys taking the time to understand the people and emotions behind her jewellery. Flora delights in crafting bespoke pieces – from future heirlooms to reworking antique designs.

Flora previously worked with the respected stone carver Charolotte De Syllas and British jewellers Dower and Hall. She was also Director of the Electrum Gallery in London.

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