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Otis Ingrams

Leather designer

Born in London, Otis Ingrams undertook a part-time apprenticeship with Bill Amberg studio after graduating from San Francisco State University. On completing his apprenticeship he undertook a number of small commissions and then began collaborating with a number of studios and designers, working on furniture and bespoke projects. Read More

He set up the Otzi Studio to explore designing with leather and other natural materials that work with it. His passion for his chosen material is palpable when he speaks about his chosen material. 'The intrinsic beauty of leather is something that always impresses me, and today tanneries produce a breathtaking array of finishes and colours for leathers of all kinds. Leather can be very thick and structurally rigid; or buttery soft, thin and pliable". In October 2017 Quarto publishes 'Leatherworks: traditional craft for modern living', a guide to contemporary leather making written by Otis. 'The idea was to show that things can be craft made without looking ‘craft-y’, which for a long time had derogatory connotations, ironically, of not being properly made or finished; unrefined.’

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