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Rosalind Wyatt

Textile artist and calligrapher

Rosalind Wyatt creates art with words, through calligraphy and through ‘writing with a needle’ - the act of stitching directly onto a garment. Her collages combine antique textiles and handmade paper. Read More

Rosalind works mainly with vintage materials and the content of her beautifully crafted stitched words are always grounded in the origin of the chosen garment. It is the interplay between old and new that heightens the significance of her pieces.

Rosalind has a MA in constructed textiles and mixed media from the Royal College of Art, and a BA in a calligraphy and bookbinding.

Londoners will soon be privy to Rosalind’s current major project – ‘The Stitch Lives of London’ – a modern day Bayeux Tapestry that will incorporate historical garments and artefacts telling the story of London in Stitch.

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