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Simone Brewster Portrait

Simone Brewster

Multi-disciplinary designer

Simone Brewster is a London based multidisciplinary artist specialising in sculptural object d’art. Her work is often described as bold and architectural, confidently marrying western and ethnic ideals. Read More

This aesthetic language generates a sense of both the familiar and unknown. The result is a series of work that speaks to the travelled, to those that have seen outside of their own borders and were changed by it.

The work plays with form and balance as well as our inherent understanding of the history of shape, using these concepts to create objects which evoke a sense of celebration in our contemporary society.

 “Coming from an architectural training, when making or designing, I approach it from the space it will inhabit and the atmosphere I want it to generate. The bold forms typical to my work create strong and timeless pieces.”


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