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Tim Hurn


Tim Hurn is a ceramicist based in Dorset specialising in wood-fired pottery. Tim studied at Camberwell School of Art, before spending time honing his craft at Tokoname, Japan, one of the country’s seven ancient kiln sites. Read More

Heavily inspired by the work of masters like Bernard Leach, Tim has spent time following Bernard’s footsteps, at one point training with Bernard’s eldest grandson - John Leach at Mulchelney Pottery in Somerset.

Tim's creates his pieces from a 'Anagama' kiln he has built himself and used for the past 20 years. Anagama is Japanese for 'cave kiln' - originating from the fifth century AD, Anagama kilns were sites traditionally dug into a hillside and filled with mud and grass.

Over a period of two days and nights, Tim burns up to four tons of wood in the kiln’s firebox. A top temperature of 1300°C is maintained for about eighteen hours to create the final result – strong, durable pottery imprinted with the path of the flame.

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