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Zoe Hillyard

Zoë Hillyard

Ceramicist Textile Artist

Zoë Hillyard is known for creating ‘ceramic patchwork’, an innovative process whereby broken ceramics are re-constructed using fabric and hand-stitch.  Her exquisite and painstakingly rebuilt vessels make reference to Japanese ceramic mending traditions and capture the flawed beauty of preserved archaeological artefacts. Read More

Zoë is interested in the journeys objects make and the relationships we build with possessions. Having spent time living in Mongolia, she is inspired by the example set by nomadic culture.

Wrapping textiles round unpredictably shaped ceramic shards, Zoë seeks to make objects to be treasured, exploring the juxtaposition of colour and pattern to create original, decorative, hand-built pieces with visual and tactile intrigue.

Making work that revives the fortunes of discarded items she finds on her travels, Zoë is also commissioned to work with personal items of sentimental value and has made bespoke ranges for the British Museum.

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