Honey Pellet Jug II

Honey Pellet Jug II by Scotland-based slipware potter Douglas Fitch, of Fitch & McAndrew. Drawing inspiration from Medieval making methods, this decorative yet durable piece derives its shape from archaeological artefacts and pottery sherds. Fitch & McAndrew choose to work with a narrow pallet of materials, using only those that would have been available to Medieval potters. Thanks to their local geology, similar materials are readily available today, enabling the makers to emulate centuries old pottery traditions. This textured jug is thoughtfully created and decorated with small pellets of clay. Honey Pellet Jug II is watertight and can be used for flowers.

Material: Red earthenware, coloured slips and a honey glaze
Dimensions: Height: 30cm, Length: 25cm Width: 25cm
Care Instructions: Gently hand wash
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Created using traditional slipware techniques and materials, this pot was thrown on the wheel in red earthenware clay. After attaching a handle, small pellets of clay are applied to the jug’s surface creating a unique decorative effect. Once dry, the piece is covered in slip and after firing, a honey glaze is added to finish. Both potters embrace the challenges created by working with historic materials, and find the process all the more fascinating because of this decision.
The Maker Fitch & McAndrew Ceramicist - Scotland

Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew are slipware potters based in Scotland. Drawing great inspiration on the heritage of British slipware, their pieces showcase traditional techniques applied in a contemporary way. Using a blend of earthenware clay sourced from Douglas’ birthplace, Devon, Fitch & McAndrew often work with warm palettes of chocolate brown and honey, inspired by their local landscape. All their dishes, pots and jugs are one-off pieces, richly detailed as well as functional.