Honey Vessel III

Honey Vessel III by ceramicist Charlotte McLeish is a decorative object influenced by observations of Staffordshire slipware. This latest work forges a new direction with a combination of thrown forms and hand built methods on a larger scale. Charlotte enjoys manipulating a form by hand once it has been thrown, and often mixes both techniques, which gives each piece a uniquely handcrafted character.

Material:Terracotta clay, porcelain slip, honey glaze and copper glaze details
cm: Diameter 20.5cm, Height 24.5cm
inches: Diameter 8.1in, Height 9.6in
Care Instructions: Hand wash in soapy water


Honey Vessel III is thrown in a number of sections and assembled once the pieces are leather hard. Each honey-coloured piece is made from terracotta clay and a layer of porcelain slip is added before bisque firing. Charlotte then uses a honey glaze, and dabs of copper glaze, to highlight details. To finish she fires to earthenware temperature.
The Maker Charlotte McLeish Ceramicist - London

East London-based ceramicist Charlotte McLeish makes elegant stoneware vases and vessels. Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Egyptian ceramics, her pieces offer a pure and refined take on a traditional style. Having grown up in a family of jewellers, she has always been fascinated with hand-made processes and went on to study Ceramic Design at Central St Martins. Charlotte combines five different clays and uses only two dry glazes, resulting in her pieces having strong visual unity.

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