Honeysuckle Bowl

Mary Butcher
Honeysuckle Bowl by Mary Butcher, a functional piece inspired by the craft heritage of the Orkney Islands.

Honeysuckle Bowl by Mary Butcher was inspired by Mary's time spent on a residency on the Orkney Islands, organised by The New Craftsmen; meeting with local makers and becoming immersed in their world. Upon her return, Mary gathered materials that reminded her of the textures and hues of Orkney, from the rugged grey stones to the rich mustard seaweed, to create each new unique piece.
Material: Peeled honeysuckle, metal ring
Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Width: 15cm
Care Instructions: Clean with dry dusting cloth only
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This basket was created from peeled honeysuckle using traditional weaving techniques, to imitate the colours and textures of the Orkney Islands. A metal ring is used to structure the piece.
Honeysuckle Bowl
The Maker Mary Butcher Basket Maker - London

Basket maker Mary Butcher began her career as a willow specialist, learning local and traditional skills from apprenticed makers. Following further research into the art of basketmaking, and a Fellowship in Basketmaking at Manchester Metropolitan University, Mary began to explore new creative possibilities, and develop other ways of making. Mary’s research centres around the history of basket making, spending time with traditional makers and recording both the technical details and their changing practice in response to consumer demand.