Hours Medusiform

Alexander de Vol
Hours Medusiform by wood artist Alexander de Vol, is a footed vessel which forms part of an ongoing investigation into the material properties of green wood. Alexander prefers to work with wild British hardwoods that have been felled in his local area due to recent storm damage or conservation. The very thin walls of this piece allows Alexander’s material to warp naturally as it dries, thus creating an organic, asymmetric form which is entirely unique to this particular object. Alexander aims to create work informed by the processes employed in the making, and allows the material itself (in this case, Elm wood) to take prominence.

Material: Elmwood
cm: Width 40cm, Depth 38cm, Height 32cm
inches: Width 15.7in, Depth 15in, Height 12.6in
Care Instructions: Dust gently with a lint free cloth
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This footed vessel was turned and hand carved from the wood of a recently felled Elm tree while the material was still in a moisture rich state. Unlike the uniform trees farmed for furniture timber, wild trees grow organically and bare wood with dramatic unpredictable features that present both challenge and opportunity.
The Maker Alexander de Vol Wood Artist - North West England

Alexander de Vol is a designer, artist and maker whose work investigates the material properties of wood and their transferal into other materials. Alexander uses a mix of traditional casting methods and new technologies to document the natural behavior and movement of the vessels which he crafts from 'green wood', while taking care to preserve the features he feels are aesthetically synonymous with the material's origin. Alongside his artistic practice, Alexander lectures in design at the University of Central Lancashire and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Burberry’s Makers House in London.

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