Hubbard Basket IV

The Backward Vendor
Hubbard Basket IV is a decorative and functional piece by London-based workshop, The Backward Vendor, founded by leather artisan, April May. Combining traditional techniques with creative innovation, The Backward Vendor uses only natural raw materials dedicated to the creation of their unique designs. The Hubbard Basket is made from vegetable tan leather and has been constructed with two decorative toggles and double handles. This basket can be used in a variety of ways - from a magazine holder to a log basket, or simply a beautiful object for the home.

Due to the nature of natural leather, variations in the tone may occur. With care, the material of the Hubbard Basket will develop its own unique and beautiful patina over time.

Material: Vegetable tanned leather, linen
Dimensions: Width: 60cm, Depth 20cm, Height: 40cm
Care Instructions: Keep away from water and direct sunlight
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The Backward Vendor source vegetable tanned leather from a traditional tannery and begin the process by creating their signature pleats for the exterior of the basket. The pleats are created by hammering folds of leather, a base is attached and a linen lining is sewn into place. The toggles at the end of the cord are formed from smaller petal-shaped pieces of leather and stitched together; their edges are then burnished and waxed. To finish, the handles, which are formed from strips of leather, are added to the body of the basket.
The Maker The Backward Vendor Leatherworker - London

The Backward Vendor is a London-based workshop founded by leather artisan, April Mai. The Backward Vendor is a reflection of cultural and traditional heritage, and a homage to traditional craft.

Combining traditional techniques with creative innovation, The Backward Vendor use only natural raw materials and skills that have often been disregarded for the ‘convenience’ of mass production. Their design concept is firmly rooted in their surroundings; people, nature and the environment. Inspired by the timelessness and the quality of craft and handmade design.